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10 Things You Should Know About ROMERO TWINS

Ignacio Romero & Javier Romero newly discovered and signed with RAD Model Management. Blessed with their brighter-than-sun smile given great impression and positive energy. Is not just the smile that has our attention; equally impressive bright hazel eyes and great bone structures do keep them on top of the list. They are now under full force from RAD and currently in development. Be on the look out for Romero Twins future movement - this pair of twins got soul.

Ignacio Romero

Javier Romero

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 18

Height: 184/ 6'0.5"


Ignacio: ignacioromeroarraez

Javier: javi_romero_

Which county you from in Spain?

Ignacio & Javier: We are from Granada. A beautiful and cosy city in South of Spain.

How’s life like living in Granada?

Ignacio: It is a small quiet city so life is very mellow. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, the beach and mountains are very close so we can have a lot of outdoor activities.

Javier: It's quite relaxing to live here. Granada is not a big city and you can go by walk everywhere. Also it's an University City. There are plenty of teenagers around our age. So we can always hang out with friends and have fun together.

What will you guys do for leisure?

Ignacio: I usually go hang out with friends, go to the cinema, read, things that we normally do at our age.

Javier: I love movies, so whenever I have free time, I like to go to the cinema and hang out with my friends.

What’s your favourite sports?

Ignacio: I like to play basketball and go skiing.

Javier: I like to play basketball in generally. In winter seasons I like to go skiing, while in the summer, I like to go surfing.

Do you both do everything together?

Ignacio: Yes, sometimes we also speak at the same time.

Javier: Yes, we share the same friends, study the same college. We do almost everything together.

3 things you guys share?

Ignacio: It's hard to list only 3 things, we do share clothes, bedroom and we have the same friends around.

Javier: We share clothes, we have same friends, sometimes we even have the same thoughts.

What is the most unforgettable moments you encountered?

Ignacio: 2 years ago I surfed in San Diego, while I was waiting for the wave, a dolphin were right next to me. First I was terrified because I thought it was a shark, but then I realized it was a dolphin.

Javier: The first time I walked a show, there was a lot of poeple so I was quite nervous but excited at the same time. When the show finished, I was overwhelmed and proud of myself, things were all beyond perfect.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Ignacio: Chocolate, I love it.

Javier: Nutella, I love it.

Your favourite designer(s) who you would like to work with in the near future.

Ignacio: Giorgio Armani & I would love to work with John Galliano.

Javier: I would like to work with Tom Ford.

Top 5 cities you would like to visit in the near future.

Ignacio: New York City is on the top of my list. Besides, I would like to visit Tokyo, Dubai, Paris and Milan.

Javier: New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai and London.

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