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RAD Model Management is a male model and talent management agency exclusively represents European male models to top agencies, photographers, casting directors, fashion and commercial clients globally. RAD leads and runs by Jovei Blink. Established in 2011 and rapidly connects with top brands and model agencies into key fashion capitals, including Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo etc.

Jovei Blink, the founder and director of RAD Model Management brought with him more than 10 years of fashion, image production & development, photography & styling ability to put together and push it forward, play a refreshing, innovating part in the modeling industry.


Jovei is skilled with enthusiasm and fully-energetic. He supplies a personal and quality service to the clients. Also continually supporting and developing solid career with the models.


RAD Model Management is known for scouting new exclusive talents on the street and social media focusing on boys. Working with international high fashion clients made RAD Model Management one of the up-and-coming male model agencies for editorial, advertising and runway.


What makes RAD unique and different than the other agencies out there? Simply because RAD not only focusing on development models, but help to discover and build up an image of every individuals. RAD believes everyone has their own uniqueness inside and having someone who are so thoroughly understand fashion/ trend/ style/ image. Something you don't really find in every agency.

The agency is a boutique agency with mobile office based in Paris, Copenhagen, New York & Hong Kong. RAD understand what the market needs. Make sure all the models are working and earn good money with an efficient development and start working abroad within 6 months right after they started.

RAD Model Management aimed to start the agency small but grow aggressively and continue to build the business through its creative energies, ideas and relationships.



RAD Model Management always keep discovering and developing the best new male model and talent internationally.

Click here to discover how to be a RADmen or click here if you want to send your inquiries to RAD.


Jovei Blink interviewed by Spy News Magazine.


Power brings people and people brings the power. RAD Model Management is also available for partnership with smaller agencies and mother agencies for placements abroad. We work work with agencies/ clients in Europe, United Kingdom and United States. And extensively with agencies in Asia Pacific Region. Please feel free to contact us directly for further information.

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