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RAD is a Mother Agency work as a personalized management leads and runs by Jovei Blink since 2011. RAD represents European male models/ talents work closely with selected agencies, photographers, casting directors, fashion and commercial clients globally and full forcing the focus in primary fashion markets Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo.
Also having close work connections in other Europe & Asia fashion markets.

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Age 15+
Height 183cm - 190cm

Please provide the following information: Name, age, height, place of origin, basic measurement and contact details.





- Professional pictures are NOT necessary but you must be at least 6'0" to apply.

- Please do not wear make-up, we must see your true skin complexion.

- Hair must be naturally styled, but make sure it is not obscuring your face and bone structure in the head-shot.

- In side profile we need to see the jawline, hair needs to be kept away from the face.

- Photos need to be in color with no computer effects or retouching.

- Please also submit mid-length and full-length shots.

- Avoid wearing baggy clothes and simply stand up straight with your shoulders back.


If RAD sees your potential, we will arrange a meet or give further instruction for the next step of application.


Make sure the images are not larger than 2 MB in size each but no smaller than 800 KB.



RAD requires your consent for a child, under 18, to become a model. We will want you to fully understand and approve his or her terms of engagement. We won’t interrupt a child’s schooling and, should a model, still in education, work for us, he or she will only work with your consent and in the holidays or at weekends.